A Series of Unfortunate Events Premieres on Netflix

The much-awaited Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events featuring Neil Patrick Harris premieres on Netflix today. People are fawning all over it… I’m not totally with them.

The children are charming and NPH is, at times, deliberately, delightfully horrible. It’s got a fair bit of sadness mixed with the humor, slightly over-the-top weirdness and a few too many theatrical oddities, but that’s no surprise if you know the source material. Also: Can somebody get that guy a cough drop?  The score is jaunty and I particularly enjoyed the look of it, but overall I didn’t love it quite enough.

Really, really short review: Watch it at some point. No need to rush. Family friendly-ish (kinda depressing) and entertaining (for the most part) for the adults in the room.




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