Sherlock’s Final Problem is Not Enough Moriarty

The three-episode season always seems to go so quickly and leaves me (usually) wanting more. I’m not sure about this year and I think that the culprit is the “Final Problem” of this episode. Not really knowing where it wanted to go, it meanders around as we discover Mycroft and Sherlock not only have a long-lost psycho sister incarcerated in their version of Arkham Asylum, but she also apparently killed someone dear to Sherlock to get there. When they were something like seven years old. Yikes!

There are some problem-solving scenes with deathly consequences and a completely random nonsensical resolution to sister Euros latest attempted murder, but the very best scene of the 90-minute episode are the five minutes we spend with Moriarty.

Yes, I miss you.

Frankly, I think that’s why the rest of the episode falls flatter that it should: we wish it was Moriarty and his pitch perfect nastiness (not to mention the Queen theme) that was the threat to our “heroes.”

Really, really short review: Watch the Moriarty scene for sure. See the rest when you have the other 85 minutes to spare.


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