Taboo Premieres on FX

This week FX Networks premiered Taboo, a super dark, rather intense 8-episode drama originally from BBC One featuring Tom Hardy and written by his father, “Chips” Hardy. At the outset here, I should confess my massive crush on young Hardy’s voice (I’d pay good money to listen to him read me the poems of Pablo Neruda… but I digress.)

The first episode is all about the tease: who is this guy? Is that the girl from the Bourne movies? What’s with the tea people? What about his sister? Why can’t I hear what their saying?

But it’s worth the hour-ish of investment to find out if you want to know the any of the answers. Be aware that’s it’s probably not something to watch with the family (so many swears, some nudity.)

Really, really short review: Watch it: it’s already getting a second season.


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