Sneaky Pete Debuts on Amazon

I went into Sneaky Pete knowing two things: Bryan Cranston and David Shore (House) created it and it wasn’t originally planned for Amazon. Beyond that, nothing. But with a guy like Cranston who’s rarely missed a step in his TV career, I figured it was worth the risk. Totally worth it.

Giovanni Ribisi is the sneaky confidence man who takes on the identity of Pete, his former cellmate and long lost grandson of a (surprise!) bail bonds family, to escape the threat of Vince’s (Cranston) wrath after Ribisi done him wrong. Sneaky Pete has the look and feel of a USA Network show, but was originally planned as a CBS procedural. Glad to see that didn’t work out because the relationships are far more interesting than learning how to catch a bail jumper.

Really, really short review: Promising start looks to lead in lots of fun directions a la Justified and USA shows




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