Sing is a Mood Enhancer

If you’re feeling a little down, I have a prescription to help you find your way to a better mood: Sing, the charming addition to the family of films from the makers of Despicable Me and the Secret Life of Pets. Upbeat (literally), cheerful and fun, the singing competition-centered film is full of light, charm and colorful characters.

And while there isn’t a ton of character development or backstory offered on most of the singers, the performances are delightful if a bit too short when it comes to the audition sequence.

If there’s one complaint to make it would be the plot line with Mike the mouse. It mostly feels manufactured to create car chases and imperiled rodents. PS, if you have motion sickness at all, the opening sequence and the helicopter chase may make for some very unpleasant moments.

Really, really short review: Both adults and kids will love the fun of Sing.


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