Deep Water Horizon: Thrilling and Meandering

Don’t get me wrong, Deepwater Horizon is a thrilling action film. What it is not is easy to follow (feels like a lot got edited onto the cutting room floor) or filled with heart. Many, many, many things explode and catch fire and imperil our heroes and villains. It is incredibly compelling and watchable (except for the scene where Kurt Russell has to pull shrapnel from his root. Look away, man. Look. Away.)

There’s are characters to admire and ones to point your hate to: Everyone wearing a BP logo shirt. John Malkovich, doing his best deep-fried Louisiana James Carville meets Billy Bob Thornton, is the baddest guy and annoys successfully. But we barely get to know the brave men and woman who died and survived the disaster and the film’s poorer for it.

Really, Really Short Review: Thrilling action film with lots of intense, fiery explosions but very little warmth. Better on the big screen if you can swing it.


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