Powerless Debuts on NBC

Superheroes can make for fun tv (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Powerless is designed to be a take on the trope of swooping in and saving the day. Smart girl Emily moves to in Charm City (not Gotham) to head up R & D for Wayne Security run by cousin Van Wayne. A low level of cool kid Wayne Enterprises, the goal of the firm is to protect the citizens from the aftermath of saving them. So it’s a workplace comedy with quirky characters and B-list superheroes (Jack-o-lantern). The actors are charming through a clunky pilot but the Good Place vibe left me curious to see more.

Wait, orphan Bruce Wayne has a cousin? Loner, dark knight who lost his whole world when his parents were murdered has a cousin… meaning he also has to have an aunt or an uncle in there somewhere too?  Sigh.

Really, really short review: Silly, with potential.


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