Riverdale: Is This What Buffy Hath Wrought?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to confess to you, gentle reader, that I’ve got a thing for Riverdale. I’m not proud, but I am entertained. Welcome to the all new mist-enhanced hometown to comic book kids Archie, Betty and Veronica now reimagined into a murder mysterious Twin Peaks-like berg. The plot hinges on the rotten jock who gets offed but by who: his wicked sister, mother of his wronged ex or someone else?

Archie looks an awful lot like he’s on Team Edward and Veronica stunt kisses Betty at cheerleading try-outs a la Paris and Rory on spring break. The kids reference everything pop culture like they heard Buffy in utero and, by my math, that’s disturbingly possible for this Gen X-er. Fun in a how-can-they-have-millenial-kids way is the living presence of 90s references Luke Perry (Archie’s dad) and Peaks’ Mädchen Amick as Betty’s bitchy pushy mom. It all comes together in what (we hope) promises to be addictive, escapist TV.

Really, really short review: If you like Peaks meets Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions, spoofy comic book reboots, pulpy YA fiction and ironic references, head for Riverdale.


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