Z: Bless Their Hearts.

They tried. And it’s an admirable effort – lush and lovely to look at – but Amazon’s Z: The Beginning of Everything doesn’t quite hit the mark. We come into the story of the great love affair of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in 1918 as they begin their much-storied courtship.  Five hours of TV later later, we’ve followed them through a debauched, gin-soaked New York and Westport but still don’t really seem to know them very deeply.

Christina Ricci gives Zelda her all but just isn’t supported by the depth of cast she deserves. Nor the lighting which I found to be a rather harsh and mostly unflattering for many of her speeches. And speaking of… Most impressive among the accents, and there are so many trying so hard to find a Montgomery accent you’d think it was the Holy Grail, is our leading man’s. One would never guess David Hoflin is Australian. I’m not sure I’d guess anyone in Z is an Alabaman.

Really, really short review: If you’ve loved Scott and Zelda ever since 9th grade it’s a eye-catching look at the writer and his muse.


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