Santa Clarita Diet Debuts on Netflix

In Santa Clarita, Drew Barrymore’s new horror-family-comedy series for Netflix, she becomes a flesh-eating zombie in the first episode after epic vomit scenes that one-up (possible two-up) the river of spew from Pitch Perfect. Not for the fake vomit squeamish. In fact, if bodily fluids aren’t your bag… maybe look away. Santa Clarita is, after all, about people eating people so there’s more gore to come (including guest star Nathan Fillion’s bloody backyard demise.)

Barrymore’s newfound zombie zeal for life is hilarious – and a little familiar to anyone who’s loved or lived with a Whole30er. She’s dead and loving it! And while the light but uneven comedy hits its sweet spot about four episodes in, the real standout here isn’t Barrymore. Timothy Olyphant as Barrymore’s husband, Joel, and Liv Hewson as Abby, their improbable daughter, along with neighborhood nerd and local zombie expert, Eric, seem to get all the best lines. There are more than a few laughs in every episode. I just wish the hard-stop finale had left us feeling a little more confident there was a season 2 on the horizon.

Really, really short review: Escapist fun but don’t look for anything to meaty to sink your teeth into.


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