Imposters Debuts on Bravo

Imposters is yet another in the string of recent con artist series (Sneaky Pete, Good Behavior, The Catch) to hit the airwaves. This one features an incandescent Inbar Lavi and she does not disappoint as the slippery Ava/Alice/Maddie leading men (and women apparently) to their doom as they fall for her and she robs them blind. You can’t fault the suckers who fall for Maddie’s personas: She’s charming as hell, vaguely exotic, completely gorgeous and makes herself into everything they want her to be.

Imposters is also a buddy comedy as her exes Ezra (Rob Heaps) and Richard (Parker Young) team up to track her down after they find one another. And this is where the show could either get interesting or all over the place. Right now the pace is too slow to tell where we are headed but I’m willing to follow down the path a bit longer if only to see what happens when Uma Thurman’s character pops up at the end of episode three.

Really, really short review: While not life-changing entertainment, Imposters is everything we expect from Bravo: light, easy escapist TV. Sit back and enjoy.


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