Legion Debuts on FX

Meet X-Men David Haller, (Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens) mental hospital resident: is he a mutant who can hear voices from other people in his head or is he a schizophrenic and a mutant who can hear voices from other people in his head? Girlfriend (or a figment of his imagination) Syd, played by Rachel Keller, is also a resident  — one who doesn’t like to be touched so they hold hands by holding the same piece of cloth. It’s a sweet moment in this stylish, slightly irregular series.

Legion is a dramatic and visually arresting addition to the Marvel universe with a whiff of an imagined futuristic 60s vibe to its look and feel. It’s also deeply human and that’s no mean feat. Do watch for some amazing effects as the show progresses and we discover our hero’s powers.

Since we see what David sees with his shattered psyche, there’s no guarantee what’s real or what’s happening in his head but, to cross genres to quote Dumbledore, “Of course it’s happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?” Here’s hoping we keep asking that question. Time will tell and I’ll be watching.

Really, really short review: Wow.


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