Chef’s Table Season 3 Debuts on Netflix

First off, let me be super clear: I am a biased reviewer when it comes to Chef’s Table, the beautifully filmed docu-series from the maker of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It caters to the foodie in my heart as well as my inner travel show junkie. But all reviewers are biased when it comes to their opinions. That’s the point.

We begin this season with Korean Zen Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan creating temple food (also culinary masterpieces) for her fellow monastic residents and a select few fortunates at Le Bernadin thanks to fellow chef Eric Ripert.  Ps, once you see the show remember she’s 60 so Jeong Kwan clearly doing something right.

Chef’s Table allows us to travel the globe going inside the kitchens and lives of the six featured chefs to find out what drives them to feed others. The way we make this journey thanks to this series has changed the look and feel of food tv. It’s also extremely calming and is often what I choose to unwind with after a stressful day.

Really, really short review: Gorgeous and leaving me hungry for more.


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