Abstract: Review

Design is everything. Good design is seamless, inspired, creative and cool. Bad design…is not… and you experience it like you experience bad TV or film: it becomes all-consuming and can ruin your whole day.  Abstract, Netflix’s gorgeous new design documentary series, is good design.

Like Chef’s Table, also on Netflix, Abstract takes us into the lives and work of the artists it features. In the first episode we get an introduction to lovably neurotic illustrator Christoph Niemann and his  trompe l’oeil style. But it is the respectfully irreverent style of the documentary creators that make this something special and unique. Abstract can begin to flow together and feel a little “same,” so I recommend treating it like the episodic program it is and doling it out rather than a deep binge dive.

Really, really short reviews: If you have an interest in art and design, this eight-episode series is completely worthy of your time.


One thought on “Abstract: Review

  1. I absolutely loved this series. I hope they do more. The Platon episode was by far my favourite as well as the illustration one with the guy in Berlin (where I live!). Great little review here, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


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