Hacksaw Ridge: Review

The trailers for Hacksaw Ridge do it no service, building an expectation of  two hours of explosions and bullet ricochets. This film is much more personal and intimate than one would expect when it comes to telling the back story of the bloodiest battle of WWII.  It is, in fact, the remarkable true story of Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who refused to carry a weapon into that battle and yet managed to save 75 men in its aftermath.

Doss is much maligned and badly beaten for his beliefs giving those who thought him a coward ample opportunity to have their come-to-jesus moment when they see his bravery and the error of their ways.

Andrew Garfield deserves his acting nomination and pulls off a respectable Virginia mountain accent. Mr. Gibson manages his nominated directing duties admirably but is a little too fascinated with showing bright orange flames against the stark greenish-grey of the rest of the war-torn landscape. There are some notably extraordinary shots in this film including the to-camera speech Garfield makes talking to us God.

Really, really short review: Unfairly underestimated but well worth the time.


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