Arrival: Review

Directed by Denis VilleneuveArrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner as part of a team sent to meet one of the 12 pods holding extraterrestrial heptapods (the name for the cool looking 7-footed visitors) who drop by Earth to teach us a new language and way to perceive time. There’s a twist in it that you may or may not see coming – either way the experience is still good.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Arrival is yet another film about aliens coming to Earth to attack us or rule us or eat us. It’s much more in the vein of E.T. where the story is about the humanity of aliens and of the humans who encounter them. And it’s one of the most beautiful (to look at) and lovely (to experience) films I’ve seen this year.

Really, really short review: a totally human alien story


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