Logan: Review

When we begin Logan, it’s 2029 and our hero Logan/Wolverine has had a rough time of it what with fighting evil, traveling through time and being pumped full of adamantium and all. He’s looking after Professor X who, as a nonagenarian, has developed a degenerative brain disease – bad news for a powerful telepath who could kill us all with a thought to begin with. So Logan/Wolverine has become an Uber driver trying to earn enough money to keep Professor X in anti-seizure meds and their ultimate-albino housekeeper Caliban in sunscreen.

We are also led to believe they are some of the last mutants on earth until a nurse shows up with a kid in need of a rescue. This kid (X-23) isn’t any kid, she’s Logan/Wolverine’s (clone) kid and comes with the same magical healing powers and embedded adamantium. There’s also a evil Logan (X-24) who needs reining in and a bloody body count in the dozens. So many puncture wounds… And if this all feels a little all over the place, well, so does the movie. We wander around in a few different directions before the credits and none of them are quite up to the level of what X-Men entertainment should be.

Really, really short review: Kind of a disjointed disappointment.


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