The Edge of Seventeen: Review

The teen films that I grew up on were crafted by John Hughes, Bob Clark and Cameron Crowe and nearly always featured clever dialogue and outstanding soundtracks (Fast Times, Porky’sPretty in Pink, 16 Candles) if not always outstanding performances. Edge of Seventeen purports to follow in those footsteps and makes a reasonable attempt at it.

How this film is like the teen films I grew up on: everything is tied up in neat little bow at the end and that happy ending has something to do with requiring the struggling lead to get coupled up.

How this film is not like the teen films I grew up on: so, so terribly awkward to the point of making me squirm, but I suspect that’s at least 50% because I’m farther away from 17 than I care to admit.  Thank heavens I wasn’t coming of age in the time of Facebook and texting.

Really, really short review: perfect Sunday afternoon film fodder.


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