New on E! – The Arrangement

E! is offering viewers a glimpse into fake celebrity romances in their steamy new soap-y series The Arrangement. And it’s certainly not difficult to look at the leads Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christine Evangelista) as they couple up in beautiful scenery. Can any of these folks act their way out of a paper bag? Not so much but if you close your eyes and think of an E! True Hollywood Story come to life… well, you get the idea.

The Arrangement was sold as a gossipy, tawdry, not-so-fictionalized account of the TomKat “romance.” Whether that last part is true, we may never know but if you’re a fan of Us Weekly and it’s tabloidy brothers-in-arms or any of the Real Housewives of anywhere, you may have just found your new addiction.

Really, really short review: Both steamy and trashy, The Arrangement is mediocre escapist tv but worth the view if celebrity is your life


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