New Comedy on Netflix: Schumer and Noah

These two specials have three things in common: Netflix, leather-clad comedians and lengthy bits about lots of vomiting.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special leads off with her sex bits (and I mean the comedy) and leads us through some gut-hurting laughs about couples and coupling on her way to a moment that gave a very real real pause for me and the audience: gun control. It seems incongruous to go from talk about waking up to oral sex after a blackout and her personal vaginal aromas to the second amendment… and yet Schumer makes it work. Because she’s brave.

Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark is more smile-and-nod laughs as opposed ones that shake the belly, but’s also clear that Noah is a skilled orator and educator as well as an entertaining comic. He throws out a United Nations of accents from Russian to New York to Scottish and offers up impressions including Nelson Mandela helping Barack Obama find his presidential voice.

Really, really short reviews: if you’re a fan of either, their special should be next on your viewing list.


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