New on Netflix: I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore

Our heroine, Ruth, has had a rough day at work as a nursing assistant (a patient spews some profane and bitter spite then promptly dies) and she just needs to blow off a little steam with a beer and book – that a stranger promptly spoils. She comes home to find her house has been robbed and the police couldn’t care less about her laptop or her silver. The next day she discovers that the dog who has been crapping in her yard is walking down the street (with his owner) having left a new addition to the landscape. People just seem to be metaphorically shitting all over Ruth.

So begins the unusual Netflix film I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore. From there Ruth enlists the help of said neighbor, Tony (Elijah Wood), and they inexplicably set out to get her stuff back and confront the robbers. The lapse in judgement aside, they provide an interesting spin on a buddy movie albeit one that’s not always fun. But it has something about it that kept me watching and curious to see where it would leader next. Trust me – it’s not where you expect.

Really, really short review: I don’t want people to be assholes anymore either.


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