New on Netflix: Love, Season 2

Having watched Season 1 of Love, I come back to season 2 with the same questions: how in the hell does Judd Apatow define ‘love” because we seem to think it’s two very different things. Aside from a few moments of tenderness, leads Mickey and Gus just seemed to be mean to each other and their friends sometimes all the time and in specifically hurtful and flippant ways. In season 2, these two seem to be finding their way to one another and to love, leaving their jealous and vindictive ways behind them. But I take issue with Gus not respecting Mickey’s need to recover and heal herself from her many addictions. Sex in a Korean BBQ parking lot is no way for a sex addict to get better…

Love is strikingly similar to another series I do love, You’re the Worst on fxx, which has a more comically absurdist approach to the train wreck leads and their issues (alcoholism, drug use, remarkably stupid behavior, narcissism). YTW also seems to like it’s coupling characters which doesn’t seem to be the case for Love. I hope I’ll grow to like them more – god knows I can’t seem to stop watching them.

Really, really short review: not in love with Love, but I am still watching because I have hope.


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