New on TV Land: Nobodies

Melissa McCarthy isn’t actually in TV Land’s Nobodies, but given the amount of times her name is mentioned in conjunction with the new series, you might be surprised to learn this little piece of info. Along with husband Ben Falcone, McCarthy is producing the comedy and is referred to early and often as the “get” the three leads need to make their pitch script (Mr. First Lady) happen. And Rachel, Hugh and Larry really know McCarthy from when they were all in the famed Groundlings together so it’s all very meta and, at times, rather awkward. Where she has become a “somebody” in Hollywood, they’re still so-called nobodies writing for The Fartlemans on Nickelodeon. Yeah.

In the first episode, Hugh and Larry go after Jason Bateman as a potential comedic foil to McCarthy in their film but in the most over-the-top way by pitching him the script in between shots on the basketball court. Then they blow out his knee in a charging/traveling incident. A lot of the comedy in Nobodies is over-the-top and a little painful to watch but that’s to be expected from this team. If that’s your particular brand of vodka, Nobodies‘ will entertain.

Really, really sorta review: Funny start with a few guffaws.


One thought on “New on TV Land: Nobodies

  1. The commercial for this show stating “popping a cherry” is disgusting. How do you explain to a 7 year old grandson what “popping a cherry” is. This commercial was on while we were watching Andy Griffiths Show.


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