New on Crackle: Snatch

Seems to me you won’t be watching Snatch on Crackle if you aren’t a least a little bit familiar with the 2000 Guy Ritchie film of the same name. And, it also seems to me, you are likely curious to know if the Rupert Grint produced-series (words I never expected to string together) will dim your love of the cult classic.

Rest assured that it won’t. The series won’t entertain you in quite the same way either unfortunately, but it has a certain charm about the ne’er-do-well wannabe gangster world they inhabit. Three episodes in, none of the characters from the film overlap into the new universe and none of these new guys can get their shit together to pull off a single successful heist. At all. It’s a bit annoying frankly.

Albert, son of a famous bank robber who’s been locked up since he our lead was a kid, is supported by posh screw up Charlie and underdeveloped character Billy the boxer. There are a couple of attractive girls in the gang and some threatening “characters” along the way, but it’s all just a bit dim in comparison to the shine on Guy Ritchie’s surprising hit.

Really, really short review: If you like the genre, you’ll find some fun in this East London gangster series. I miss Brad Pitt.


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