New on Amazon: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon kicks off their pilot season with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, one of the more promising series teasers I’ve seen in quite a while. Mrs. Maisel features an Upper West Side housewife (Midge) breaking into the stand up comedy business (think Joan Rivers or Jean Carroll) in 1950s Greenwich Village after her husband flails in his attempts.

It doesn’t hurt that Mrs. Maisel is from wordsmith Amy Sherman-Palladino and features a fast-talking brunette bent on taking on the world (sounds familiar, Gilmore Girls fans?). Sherman-Palladino writes for women who can hit a line and star Rachel Brosnahan hits most of hers out of the park. There were more than a few fat-shaming ones that gave me pause but I’m hoping our showrunner will finally exorcise those demons

True confession time: I’m a little lot obsessed with 1958 Manhattan, where the pilot is set, and more than once coveted a Hepburn-esque outfit or a Mad Men room. Theres a set of red sofas to die for… but I digress.

Really, really sort review: Do you love it? Yeah, I love it.


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