New on IFC: Brockmire

Brockmire is a NSFW bawdy comedy making it’s debut on IFC this week. Featuring Simpsons star Hank Azaria as the titular baseball announcer, Jim Brockmire loses his shit mind when he finds his wife cheating on him. He then loses it even more publicly and notoriously with an obscenity-laced meltdown while calling a game for the Royals. Seriously. It’s one of those moments on TV that you sorta wish happened in real life so you could have been there. Or joined the missions who watched it YouTube as the “first viral video.” Ten years later, Jim is back in the US from calling cock fights in Manilla but finds himself working in the very minor leagues for the coal town Morristown Frackers.

In the best tradition of the worn down minor leaguer homages like Bull Durham and Long Gone, Brockmire is ultimately about the love of baseball and what two people will do to keep connected to it. Team owner Julia James (Amanda Peet in a needs-developing character) and her new announcer forge a relationship based on the superstition that their sex play the night before a win helped the team – so they need to do it before every home game. Even in the booth. Over the PA system.

Really, really short review: If the first ten minutes don’t have you howling, Brockmire probably isn’t for you. Hilarious, sexy, absurd, dark comedy at some of it’s best.


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