Passengers: Review

A couple of beautiful people (Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt) take a 120 year hibernation journey to the deep outer reaches of space for life on a new colony planet with 5000 of their fellow earthlings. There’s a meteoric smash up to part of the ship about thirty years in and one of them gets woken up early.


SPOILERS: He fiddles around being all human and bored for a year then gets it in his head to murder her by also waking her up. Which he does. They fall in love until (about a year later) she figures out what he did. There’s a cool gravity-loss-in-the-pool moment and some flying in space stuff. Then they fix the ship, she saves him, they reconcile and are stuck together for 88 more years. The end.

Really, really short review: honestly, no. Watch 2001 instead.


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