New on Starz: The White Princess

The White Princess is a sequel to the rather salacious historical bodice-ripper The White Queen and a continuation of the history. Lots of love, sex, betrayal, killing, revenge populate the original and, given the era, we know there’s lots more to come. Maybe a quick history here would be helpful? The Lancasters and the Yorks fought one another for a really, really long time. Then a Lancaster (Elizabeth Woodville) married a York (Edward IV) and while this might have stopped the fighting and brought the country together, it really only prolonged it while kings, queens, pretenders, usurpers and innocent bystanders struggled on through the War of the Roses.

We begin The White Princess as these wars come to a close and Henry VII (Tudor) ascends the throne and marries the daughter of Elizabeth and Edward IV. Mother-in-law hates young Lizzie and Mom hates Henry. Henry is an ass and Lizzie spots his weaknesses a mile away and aims to exploit it. He rapes her and gets her pregnant. It’s complicated. It also lacks the teeth of The White Queen and rather slow going.

Really, really short review: Meh. The White Queen was far more scheming and, therefore, more interesting.


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