New on Freeform: Famous in Love

Bella Thorne stars in the latest addition to the Freeform family as Paige Townsen (no “d”), a student/wannabe actress/redhead who babbles as her superpower. Paige magically lands her first movie role in the “biggest thing since Harry Potter.” Because that’s a thing that happens in Hollywood. Really. That’s not sarcastic. I can see why you might think that. But it’s not. (See. It’s contagious.)

The Famous in Love part comes from the three suitors vying for Paige’s attention, all of whom take their shirts off on the regular. It must be very hot in LA. Very, very YA hot. It’s too bad all of the acting is completely wooden and the plot feels incredibly dull and rather lame on the whole. In fact, this series reminds me of 1990s teen soap Swans Crossing (which nobody has ever heard of but I completely remember) that starred Sarah Michelle Geller pre-Buffy.

Really, really short review; Freeform made the whole season available to binge right off the bat, but, frankly, why would you? Watch Swans Crossing.



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