New on Prime: I Love Dick

Amazon Prime has a pilot season where it debuts one episode of a series to tease you into liking (or disliking) it enough to determine if they should pick it up for an entire run. They did this with The Tick and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel too. (Side note here: it takes way too long to go from pilot to production run so the momentum feels all kinds of lost).

I Love Dick was part of this Prime pilot season and that 30 minutes was startling in its approach to TV not unlike Jill Soloway’s other lauded series, Transparent has been. Soloway has an amazing eye for creating compelling characters and has skillfully adapted Chris Kraus’s sometimes meandering book.

Kraus’s well-crafted, iconic 90s book is filled with letters and streams of consciousness from a couple, Chris and Sylvère, obsessed with the titular Dick. Kevin Bacon is Dick (often in various states of enjoyable undress), a sculptor/sex god/rancher/enigma who runs a Marfa, Texas fellowship program. His very existence ignites the passion of Chris and her fascination/obsession with him rekindles some long-lost passion with Sylvère. It’s a very non-traditional love triangle threesome. It’s also a fascinating feminist study of the female gaze and the sexual beings that women are (but are rarely successfully portrayed as).

Really, really short review: Visceral, sexual and thought-provoking: a rare threesome, indeed.


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