Review: The Founder

It’s a charming little film, no doubt, but the flaw in The Founder (the tale of how Ray Kroc grew McDonald’s from one trick California pony to international phenomenon) is that it’s just not that good of a movie. Plus, The Founder himself turns out to be a rather unlikeable guy. Not quite antihero enough, though, to root for this bad guy.

The McDonald brothers seem like good guys who never do much of anything wrong and those actors come across with the same blandness. Salesman Ray Kroc seems like a rather large pain in the ass and Michael Keaton plays him to the unlikeable hilt. He did swipe McDonald’s and hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties from the real founders, after all. There are some fun moments like learning how they created the Speedee System by drawing it out on a tennis court and established the concept of the Golden Arches. They just needed a few more of those delightful moments to make this movie enjoyable. It’s not.

Really, really short review: Bland yet irritating.


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