Miss Sloane: Review

What’s wrong with Miss Elizabeth Sloane? Well, they never really tell us and that’s ultimately what’s wrong with Miss Sloane. The movie is nearly two hours long and there’s no backstory developed for our main character or her motivations. It’s mostly just setting up what a distant ice queen she is… She’s driven and pathologically competitive but we aren’t told why. We are told that she’s lied her whole life from the time she was a kid but not the reasons behind it. Alcoholic parent? Abusive boyfriend? There’s no family in the picture and Miss Sloane is incapable of caring about another human but what happened to her kinfolk is a mystery. She’s popping what I assume is Adderall or Ritalin to keep going, but is it because she’s a former ADHD kid or a new addict? No idea.

What’s right with Miss Sloane? It’s fairly well-paced and has a strong supporting cast (rather poorly used) but mostly what’s right with it is Jessica Chastain. The movie is a taut thriller about a lobbyist who’ll stop at nothing to win her vote, but really it’s love story to how amazing Miss Chastain looks in red lipstick. And she does look amazing.

Really, really short review: She’s stunning and the film had some real potential to be a winner but misses the mark by giving our Miss Sloane no depth and or facet.


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