Review: Wonder Woman

Here I go, joining the chorus of those singing the praises of Patty Jenkin’s masterful Wonder Woman. But I can’t help it. This movie is good. Really good. It’s beautiful (star Gal Gadot is simply stunning and the camera loves every square inch of her), the plot actually has an origin story to follow and the lighting in this DCEU entry allows you to see what’s going on – huge improvement right there! I’m much more of a Marvel fan than a DCEU fan so perhaps it’s also that this one feel less miserable, rainy and dark. Even rather hopeful.

I will take a moment here to addess the adsurd complaint that I’ve seen in a few places that the fight scenes seem a little “fake.” Comic book movie adapatations are under no obligation to us mere mortals to seem real. In fact, I’d say that anything drawn (literally and) directly from the imagination has every right to feel larger than life, dare I say, god-like… Bow down to the mastery of Patty Jenkins and the other women behind making Wonder Woman an amazing film.

Really, really short review: Wonderful (but you saw that was coming…).


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