New on ABC: Downward Dog

Downward Dog, the first TV comedy series to debut at Sundance, premiered on ABC a few weeks back. I gave it a few weeks to figure out what it was so I could do the same. So here goes… Martin (the dog) talks to the audience (his lips are inexplicably animated) and gives a running monologue of what he thinks is going on in his relationship with Nan (Allison Tolman of Fargo) who he perceives as his mate/wife/girlfriend/SO. They’re getting stagnant. She’s ignoring his needs. He acts out and messes with her life to get attention.

What we discover pretty quickly is that Martin is a dom and has decided Nan needs him to be even more in control. Ouch. Nan can’t break free of her on-again-off-again relationship with slacker BF Jason and Martin isn’t really cool with that. Nan gets a huge opportunity at work and begins to take Martin for granted so he wrecks her project and threatens to do even more. He thinks he’s the master of the universe and manipulates others to do what he wants. Basically, Martin is a mean, manipulative asshole (in dog form) who gets a few funny lines. If he were human, we’d root against him as an abuser and I’ll be doing the same for Downward Dog.

Really, really short review: Bad dog.


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