New on TNT: Claws

It’s a fascinating premise to present a crime show (especially on cable) from a female point of view. And that’s precisely what Claws, the new dark crime dramedy on TNT, purports to do with the four women leading the series. The women are appealing from the opening catwalking-into-work scene – and work is a Florida strip mall nail salon that’s a money laundering front for the Dixie Mafia. Owner Desna (Niecy Nash) is “involved” with the mob boss’s nephew (in the biblical sense) in addition to taking her marching orders from him when it comes to cleaning out the cash in the pain med clinic scam he’s running.

The two most fascinating characters in Claws so far are preppy Polly (ankle-monitored while paroled for lots of identity theft) and Quiet Ann (a corn-rowed lesbian filled with swagger and style). Where it stumbles on its heels is when the remarkably one-dimensional bad guys are introduced: the mob boss that runs his biz out of a strip club (obvs), all of the men are toads (at best) and out to commit whatever sex and violence (or both) they can manage. Desna’s autistic brother Dean (Harold Perrineau of Oz and Sons of Anarchy interestingly enough) seems to be the only decent guy. So far.

Really, really short review: Sharp, funny and more than a little dangerous, but kinda fun to look at.


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