Back on Pop: Nightcap

Nightcap, the totally watchable inside late-night TV comedy show comedy, returned this week to Pop (it’s the network that replaced the TV Guide Channel) for season 2 with its silly, fun brand of entertainment. Missed season 1? Quick catch up: In the tradition of 30 Rock, and the Larry Sanders Show, Nightcap takes us behind the scenes of producing a comedy show a la The Tonight Show or Late Night. Throw in a little Extras with the celebs mostly sending up over-the-top versions of themselves.

Talent Coordinator Staci (played by Ali Wentworth who is also the series executive producer), leads a motley crew of characters who seem to exist to make her life harder and make us laugh. Wentworth is certainly the shining center of the show – one who is due her 15 minutes of bigger fame – and the rest of the cast has some funny moments. Last year’s first season guests included a crazy array: Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth Paltrow, Denis Leary, Michael J. Fox, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Biggs, and Wendy Williams. Episode 1 for this season kicked off with Julianna Margulies and Alex and Hilaria Baldwin follow in the second entry.

Really, really short review: It’s light and easy to digest. Nothing too heavy for this summer heat…


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