New on Freeform: The Bold Type

It’s not rocket science or brain surgery or even great tv, but Freeform’s new ensemble series The Bold Type is a fun bit of summer fluff to keep you entertained. Mildly so, anyway. Meet the main trio of twentysomethings trying to make it work at a thinly veiled Cosmopolitan-like Scarlet magazine: Jane the new staff writer recently promoted from assistant with something to prove, Kat, the social media director trying to navigate Scarlet to a more political position and Sutton, the still-assistant having an affair with a board member and sexting on the job. The three are at the center of the show and their relationship is the strongest part of the show.

It’s all very modern and so millennial. Everyone looks gorgeous and wears amazing clothes – even on an entry-level budget. Gotta love the glamorous New York tv life. Joanna Coles of Cosmo former editor-in-chief fame is executive producer of the series so expect lots of magazine-insider dish.

Really, really short review: Frothy like their morning matcha lattes but fun in a super-unrealistic “I wish my life looked like that” Instagram post way.

Debuts on Freeform on July 11.


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