New on TNT: Will

Imagine, if you Will (see what I did there?), that all historic films were made in the mood of A Knight’s Tale with a rock & roll soundtrack and a hefty dose of now layered on the history… Imagine then that Shakespeare leaves his wife and kids in Stratford-upon-Avon 1589ish with new play Edward III tucked under his arm only to stumble into what I can only describe as a version of punk London about four hundred years too early and you have Will. Check out that poster: could be Sid and Nancy as much as it is Will and Alice. There’s even a pub “rap” battle where I swear there’s a kid wearing a hoodie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Clash and London Calling is a great song, but it is at once too on the nose and completely wrong here as backdrop as young hottie William Shakespeare makes his way to Londontown. When Will finally makes his way to a theater, the audience is populated with kids taking a page from Bowie rather than Marlowe. So much eye makeup… There’s lots of overacting (on stage and otherwise) and loads of sex and drink and rock & roll to make sure we all get the randy, debauchery of these Theater People.

Really, really short review: Much ado about not much. Here’s hoping it can be something for more than the summer reading list set.

Premieres on TNT on July 10.


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