Review: Before I Fall

Before I Fall is a cautionary tale for high school seniors that if you are a total bitch to everyone you’ll get stuck in Groundhog Day-like loop doomed to repeat the day until you learn to be sweet as saccharine. This movie is about as deep as the shallow end of the pool which makes it a perfect summer escape.

Is everyone beautiful and kinda shitty rotten? Oh yes.
Will it make you think? Not really. Ok, maybe a little bit about the day (or two) that you’d repeat over and over ’til you got it right. I’ve got a couple in mind…
Does it have some major flaws? Heck, yeah. The end is particularly dumb and senseless.

But the journey there is soooo regret-filled high school mean girls cliche-driven, man, it’s entertaining to watch.

Really, really short review:  Sure, let’s watch that.

Available on VOD and DVD.


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