New on Netflix: Friends from College

Friends from College, the newest addition to the Netflix series stable centers around six friends who attended Harvard 20ish years ago. Sam the designer and Ethan the author are the unmarried couple coupling at the center of the series. Ethan and his spouse Lisa the lawyer are trying to get pregnant after relocating back to Manhattan as he continues his long-term affair with Sam. Sam’s married too, ps. There’s also Max the agent, a ne’er-do-well Marianne and another guy who must have a name, but he’s so barely flesh and bone, I couldn’t tell you why he’s there.

Good things about Freinds from College: casting is strong, looks amazing from sets to lighting to wardrobe, four of the characters are interesting and at least two-dimensional, the whole YA fiction subplot will have your roaring if you weren’t Team Edward or Team Jacob, Sam has the most enviable wardrobe, 90s soundtrack gives me all the feels.

Bad things about Friends from College: massive continuity problems, two of the characters are complete throwaways for no good reason, feels so improvised at times I want to punch it in the face, when it’s bad it’s completely unwatchable.

Really, really short review: It has some good laughs and looks good. It’s only about four hours to get through the whole thing so why not.


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