Review: The Incredible Jessica James

Sweet is the word I keep coming back to after watching the light and breezy romantic comedy The incredible Jessica James on Netflix. The characters are highly likable and the base plot will make sense to nearly all living humans: being kind of a mess after a breakup but being fascinated by someone new and unexpected.

Titular Jessica James (Jessica Williams of The Daily Show, podcast 2 Dope Queens and her incredible smile) is that fascinator to shlubby Chris O’Dowd’s newly divorced broken heart. And Jessica is pretty incredible as a struggling playwright, full-out opening credits dancer and insecurely confident millennial.

Jessica Williams is the stand-out in this little movie (barely 90 minutes) that doesn’t get too deep about much of anything. At one point when O’Dowd’s character is trying to apologize and express his feelings, he tells Jessica he “really likes her.” With characteristic confidence, she replies “Of course you do! Everyone does. I’m freaking dope.” She is and so is that purple jumpsuit.

Jessica James feels like it should be developed into a 30-minute comedy (on Netflix) and I’m kinda hoping that will happen just to see if it stays sit-com light or if there are “very special episode” vibes in its future.

Really, really short review: Light and easily watchable.


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