New on Prime: The Last Tycoon

You can see the money on the screen in the Amazon adaptation of The Last Tycoon, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel about 1930s Hollywood. There are moments of literal sparkle and shine in the soapy, shallow series.

Stars Matt Bomer and Lily Collins (and her magical eyebrows) are very good-looking people in a very good looking show: costumes fit them like gloves and hair and makeup are masterful. They should be, coming from the skilled hands of many of the same people who made Mad Men one of the most beautiful series on the air.

Too bad The Last Tycoon just isn’t very good, sadly continuing the tradition of Fitzgerald adaptations falling flat. His prose is gorgeous but it just doesn’t easily lend itself to narrator-free visuals. There are some good moments here but not enough to make a good series.

Really, really short review: While not as bad at the 1976 version, there’s still no need to bother with this fella.


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