New on Epix: Get Shorty

Some things shouldn’t get remade, rebooted or redone. Get Shorty on Epix may be one of them but it moves so damn slow I honestly can’t tell. You may be familiar with the 1990 Elmore Leonard book of the same name or the Barry Sonnenfeld adaptation featuring a mid-comeback John Travolta in 1995. While the essential story remains (an enforcer ends up in LA making a movie with a straight-to-video monster movie producer), none of the characters in this Get Shorty are Chili Palmer. And Ray Romano as that producer is no Gene Hackman.

Instead, we start all over with new guys. Meet Chris O’Dowd as Miles Daly looking to reconcile with his estranged wife by getting out of the hitman business and into movie producing – a safe, cleaner industry (insert your own cutthroat Hollywood story/joke here) – by producing a script that literally has the writer’s brains on the cover. To accomplish this, he’ll get the money from his boss and solve her money laundering problems to boot. Miles has a certain amount of sentiment and emotion (he loves that Rachael Ray) that Chili lacked but this Get Shorty moves too slow to feel any sense of urgency to get out of the killing game from our friendly neighborhood fixer. I’m just not buying it.

Really, really short review: Short on time? Get busy watching something else.

Premieres on Epix at 10:00 on Sunday, August 13. First three episodes are streaming on for free.


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