New on Pop: Swedish Dicks

Swedish Dicks, the offbeat new comedy series on Pop is, unsurprisingly, the story of two Swedes, a former DJ (Johan Glans) and a former stuntman (Peter Stormare from Fargo and Armageddon who also co-created the show), who are now low-on-the-totem-pole private detectives in LA.

Glans as Axel is charmingly goofy whereas Stormare’s Ingmar is kind of a mess – written and performed that way. And then there’s Keanu Reeves briefly appearing now and again as the ghost of Ingmar’s best friend. Swedish Dicks feels foreign as you watch it. There’s an otherness to the comedy that doesn’t seem originally intended for an American audience which makes sense since it was originally made as a Swedish web series.

Of course, there are also the traditional P.I. pursuits (cheating spouses, gun range practice, stolen laptops) as these two fish out of water/odd couple partners try to figure out what they are doing as much as how to work together. I’m a little lost as to why Traci Lords’ character is so shrill or why the agency associate (Vivian Bang) is so two-dimensional. Perhaps further episodes will help flesh both into real humans? While this Nordic gumshoe series isn’t the best things since smorgasbord, it is worth the watch if you happen to stumble across it.

Really, really short review: Swedish Dicks is a peculiar diversion with a warm heart that could be better, but there’s nothing wrong with a little light roligt.


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