Review: Everything, Everything

Young and beautiful Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson are our immune-disordered, star-crossed lovers in Everything, Everything. She’s got a disease that won’t allow her to leave the house. Ever. He’s moved into the house next door with his abusive dad, invisible mom and two-dimensional sister. Ah, YA love in the time of WebMD.

They fall in love through text, chats, windows and doors. And she dares to invite him into her life for that magical first kiss on the Fourth of July. There are lovely little fantasy sequences interspersed where the text conversations come to “life” in a charming way.

Is Everything, Everything going to change your life? Not likely. Are the characters well-drawn and fully-formed? Not so much. Is the plot twist visible from about ten minutes into the film? Oh yes. At least for someone like me who actually has immune disorders and rampant allergies. Anyway, anyway… it’s a painless way to while away a couple hours if you’ve got a tween at home just dying to see it.

Really, really short review: Sweet but it’ll leave you hungry for substance 90 minutes later.


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