New on Fox: The Orville

It’s 300 years in the future, and Seth McFarlane stars as Captain Ed Mercer leading his first command and struggling to find his way with his senior staff: his ex-wife is his XO, a brown cranial alien second officer, tiny 23-year-old surprise powerhouse as head of security, old pal/screw-up as helmsman… you get it. It’s a rag-tag group.

Occupying the space (see what I did there) between sappy love and spoofy mocking of the Star Trek universe, The Orville walks a fine line. It’s trying to have more humor than a gaggle of Klingons, but it doesn’t succeed in hitting all the right notes out of the gate. I  know pilot episodes are little indication of later success, so I expect them to hit their stride by episode 3. I hope.

McFarlane has made a pile of money for himself and the Fox network over the years thanks to his creation of Family Guy and American Dad, so I trust that his version of how The Orville got made is probably accurate. He says he said “I’d like to-” and they said “Sure.” Jon Favreau is helming the series so I’d imagine the pair will get a chance or two to work out the kinks.

Really, really short review: I like Seth’s humor (mostly), so I like this series (mostly). Enjoy the laughs mixed with the sci fi. It’s fun.


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