New on Amazon Prime TV: One Mississippi

I’m not in the closet at all when it comes to my love of One Mississippi or the brilliant Tig Notaro. Her brand of wry and warm humor speaks to me and not just because we are both women and cancer survivors. And I’m not here to convince you to watch Tig and her wonderful series on Amazon Prime TV. You should be. It’s got a lot of heart for a family comedy telling the story of three blossoming romances. It is witty, dry, laughable, charming and sweet and this rare combination is worth your time.

No, I’m here to tell you about the three-hour binge I did last night as Hurricane Irma huffed and puffed and tried to blow my house down. For the first season, I doled out One Mississippi like a slow, smokey overnight barbecue. Last night I hunkered down (since that’s apparently required language to describe sitting on the sofa with lanterns and loved ones in 50-mile-an-hour winds) and drank in the whole six-episode season in one sitting. Sorry, I don’t think this one is going to be a particularly short review, but a HURRICANE came to our house last night 500 miles from the coastline, so I get to prattle on today.

This season starts off from last year: Tig is home with her band of lovely misfits family who all seem to be slightly unclenching this time around. Stepdad Bill finds his uptight mirror in Sheryl Lee Ralph. Remy falls for a dinosaur-denying bible-beater but can’t help loving her (and maybe her baby a bit more) in spite of their differences. But the most beautiful love story is the one blossoming between Tig and Kate, played by her real-life wife, Stephanie Allyne. They are delightful together, and you can see their love on screen. This is a series I can recommend bringing. You’ve got three hours, right?

This is a series I can recommend bringing. You’ve got three hours, right?

I should warn those who find it difficult to watch someone talk about or be witness to sexual assault that this season does spend some time on that topic. It is handled with grace and respect and the knowledge of pain. TV Tig is a survivor, and she is also a guide to those who need help finding their way through the pain.

Really, really short review: In the grand tradition of quiet absurdity a la Albert Brooks, One Mississippi still charms in its second season. What would Jesus cook, anyway?


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