New on FXX: You’re the Worst​

When last we saw Gretchen and Jimmy in the season 3 finale of You’re the Worst, he was driving off and abandoning her right after she accepted his proposal of marriage. Dorothy couldn’t get past her own depression and feelings of being stuck as Edgar’s star seemed to be taking off.  Lindsay and Paul were… well, Lindsay and Paul have been my favorite couple on the series for a while, and their last episode didn’t disappoint as he confronted her for having an abortion without consulting him. And stabbing him. She’s selfish and abusive. He’s fake and wants her to be something she can’t.

You’re the Worst initially referred to the two selfish drunks that didn’t give two hoots about anybody else’s feelings – until they fell in love (season 1) and began living together (season 2). Gretchen and Jimmy are still immature assholes who belong together just like Gretchen belongs with Lindsay and Jimmy belongs with Edgar.

Now Jimmy is living in a trailer park having fled his life, Gretchen crashes hard on Lindsay’s studio apartment sofa, and Edgar is hanging out in their house not really missing Jimmy. The hour-long debut splits the first half into that trailer park and the second in LA where Gretchen hasn’t left the apartment since Jimmy left her fearing they’ll run into one another. Edgar is working on a tv comedy show and living his dream. Lindsay has a great job she loves but gets talked into smoking crack by Gretchen. When Edgar and Lindsay turn out to be the serious ones (even by default), shit is real.

Really, really short review: Never the worst, but after an uneven season 3, it’s great to see You’re the Worst on track to again be one of the best.


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