Review: Mother!

Mother! is a hot stove.
You hear, “Don’t see it. It’s incredibly disturbing.”
And stubborn human that you are, you want to see if you can handle it.
(editor’s note: you can’t and you shouldn’t try.)

As we were walking out, a man waiting for the next showing looked at me and said, “Don’t say it. Don’t say a word!”
I just looked back and smiled and shrugged, eyebrows still raised.
Who needs words when you can read 50 horrified expressions filing out of the theater?

The problem with Mother! is that you sorta get that it’s an allegory, but you can’t decide which parts are wretched to convey meaning and which are wretched for the sake of being a runaway jumbled dream sequence of shocking/gross/awful, so you end up caring about none of it.

Some viewers of this depression-bomb might find levity in Jennifer Lawrence wearing the same confused expression for 75% of the movie.
We got the giggles.
I’d like to think that simple amusement was offered on purpose, as penance for the gratuitous gore, but the film seems way too self-important for that.

Really, really short review: Ouch! That’s burny.


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