New on Fox: Ghosted

Meet Max Jennifer (Adam Scott) and Leroy Wright (Craig Robinson), two agents of The Bureau Underground, a mysterious agency created during the Truman administration to investigate “unexplained” activity. Max, a former Stanford professor whose wife was abducted by aliens, seems to find some real joy in the paranormality of the investigation in Ghosted, where Leroy, a former LAPD missing persons detective, is more practical and fact-finding… so Mulder and Scully but sillier.

Ghosted is kind of an X-Files meets Humans of Earth concept introduced to us with a pilot episode chock full of exposition. Brace yourself for the constant barrage of who’s who and why while the plot also unfolds. Max and Leroy are drugged, abducted and asked by The Bureau Underground to help track down one of their missing agents who mentioned them by name in his last message. They pursue leads, see lots of crazy stuff, meet some tech geeks and eventually get hired on as agents themselves.

I forgot everything about the pilot first time I watched Ghosted and had to go back to watch it again. Short of them pushing out a mind-ray with the episode, I think you can take away from my experience that this is highly escapist television.

Really, really short review: Spoofy, buddy-comedy stuff but I suspect we’ll never learn from Ghosted if the truth is out there.


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